Root Zero

We are on a mission to have a positive impact on our planet, that's why we have taken action to fight climate change. Being carbon neutral and growing in a sustainable way that's kind to our planet.

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Spectacular Spuds

At Root Zero we grow planet friendly potatoes, to give you the power of a better choice.

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    west wales
Importance of Biodiersity

Climate Action

Our climate is changing and its effects are putting everything at risk. We need to act now and do everything in our power to avoid the catastrophic consequences of a rising global temperature.

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1 The Root Zero Biodiversity Woodland

Root Zero Projects

We must also draw down the carbon dioxide that already exists in the atmosphere today. Our ROOT ZERO projects form our continuous journey in the reduction of carbon dioxide.

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Responsibly Grown

Biodiversity underpins our own ability to thrive on earth. As well as providing the food we eat and the air we breathe, we depend on it for protection from other threats, like flooding and climate breakdown.

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