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Cover crops.

Biodiversity underpins our own ability to thrive on earth. As well as providing the food we eat and the air we breathe, we depend on it for protection from other threats, like pollution, flooding and climate breakdown. Nature is in decline and the loss of species and habitats poses as much a danger to life on Earth as climate change does.

There is a connection between the soil, the climate and the planet.

Cover crop 1

Cover Crops

A cover crop is a crop of a specific plant that is grown primarily for the benefit of the soil rather than the yield. A covered planet is a healthy planet.

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4 Humble Hedgerows


Hedgerows come in many shapes and sizes and are one of the special features of our wonderful landscape, especially in Pembrokeshire.

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Soil in palm of hands

The Soil

Did you know there are more micro organisms in every handful of soil than people who have EVER lived on this planet?

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Shrill Carder


Many species of bee, moth, butterfly, hoverfly, fly and beetle provide an essential service in the UK, pollinating £690 million worth of crops annually.

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Barn Owl chick in box

Bringing back barn owls

All species need three things in order to survive: somewhere to live, somewhere to feed and somewhere to breed. If one of these key things is taken away then species will decline.

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Yellow Hammer bird

Yellow hammer

The yellow hammer is a farmland bird with the most adorable song. They love nothing more than to sit on a hedgerow and chirp away to their hearts content.

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