The Root to Zero Emissions

Root Zero has made a commitment to be carbon neutral, as well as using sustainable farming practices to create healthy soil, increasing local biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Our potatoes are certified carbon neutral, which means that all unavoidable carbon emissions produced from production all the way through to your food waste bin will be off-set.

We have been a member of the Cool Farm Alliance for many years and have been measuring our environmental impact with the Cool Farm Tool on our farms. This measures our on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration and has allowed us to make more informed decisions that will reduce our environmental impact.

We have worked with 3Keel, the UK’s leading management consultants on sustainability, to calculate our carbon footprint, choose our carbon off-set projects and design our carbon removal initiatives.

We believe in complete transparency and the only real way to measure our true impact when we count carbon is to count all of it. We have measured every single thing that contributes to our carbon footprint – from the lights in our offices and factory, to the transport used to take Root Zero potatoes to the supermarkets, even down to the way you cook your spuds at home.

We know where our hotspots are, and our priority is to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible with a solid action plan in the effort to mitigate global climate change.

The good news is, that with your help, we can all make a difference starting right now.