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Energy Efficient transport

7 Energy efficient transport

At ROOT ZERO we want to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate fossil fuels from our business, so we are working with our logistics partners on a transportation strategy that in the first instance will use biogas with the aim to move to electric when technology allows.

Biogas is a completely natural, sustainable and renewable fuel source which improves air quality and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. To eliminate emissions, we must improve driver behaviour, route optimisation, reduce empty running and look at load fill, ensuring all lorries are at their maximum capacity.

Green – up to 90% reduction in CO2e emissions

Clean – Better air quality

Our logistics partner has a responsibility, so do we! At ROOT ZERO 50% of our company company car, van and pickup fleet are already using hybrid technology but over the next 10 years our aim is to increase this number to 100%. As part of our transportation
strategy, we will have a policy in place to ensure that any new vehicle purchased will be using hybrid technology at the very least.